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Plant Air Purifier

Plant Air Purifier

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Positives: Removes pollen, smoke, and PM2.5 Reason: Better air quality, room decor, healthier lifestyle Maintenance: Little to none, just plug in Model Number: JO-732 Place of Origin: USA Product Type: Negative ion generator Product: Desktop Plant Air Purifier Input: 5V/DC Power: <0.8w Negative ion concentration: 8000000 pcs/cm3 Ozone Concentration: less than 0.02 ppm Product dimensions: 106*106*240 mm Net weight: 200g Applications: Desktop, Office, Living room, Bedroom Certificates: CE, Fcc, RoHS, Patent


Used to clean the air of pollution, pollen, smoke, or dust. The plant purifier sends out ions into the air to disperse the bad quality air. Great for decorations around the house while also serving an important purpose.


4.17*4.17*9.44(in). This purifier is small enough to fit on a desk, counter, and table. A very aesthetically pleasing purifier since it is small and looks very much like a real plant.

Care Instructions

Little to no maintance is needed to maintain the good quality. Recommended to clean the purifier with a damp wash cloth/paper towel every 2-3 weeks.

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When plugging in the purifier a blue light should appear which indicates the product is on and working. In little to no time a difference in the air quality should be noticable.

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